Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dead Theologians Society: St. Jerome

Happy Feast Day of Saint Jerome.

Jerome (331 - 420) was one of the great scholars of the early church, a man who strove to gather great literary and scholarly works into one place. He even translated or copied out many of these works himself. By virtue of surrounding himself with such great works, he was able to create produce impressive theological works himself. His view of studying Scripture is summed up is his maxim:: "Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."

Jerome is best known for spearheading a new translation of the Bible into Latin, which came to be known as the Vulgate. This translation became the most influential text in Western Europe for more than a millennia, dominating its era more fully and for longer than the King James Version did.

As a result of his scholarly accomplishments in terms of Bible translation and other scholarly work, St. Jerome is considered the patron of librarians, archivists, and encyclopedists.

And that makes him pretty much the unofficial patron saint of Dorkness to Light.

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