Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tyler Smith, interviewed by 3LC Publishing

Tyler Smith is someone that we consider a role model for what Dorkness to Light is trying to do. Tyler has two long-running podcast & blogging ventures. Battleship Pretension is a film criticism show in which Tyler and his co-host bring their film school background and love of movies to produce an excellent, compelling podcast about film and film culture.

His second show, More Than One Lesson, looks at movies from a specifically Christian perspective. This show looks specifically at films (mostly mainstream Hollywood fare, with a few Christian moves thrown in) to determine spiritual lessons and themes. This mix of shows, the general-interest and the religious, resembles what we try to do here and at Relative Geeky.

Recently, Tyler was interviewed by the blog 3LC Publishing. It covers how he got into podcasting, what he hopes to accomplish from it, and the good and the bad of hosting a Christian podcast. The interview is very interesting, and can be found here:

Also, he and his wife has just begun a new podcast about the TV show Survivor. The podcast is called "Worth Playing For." Check out all of his shows.

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