Monday, July 11, 2016

Audiofeed 2016 - History & Backstory

The Cornerstone Festival ran from 1984-2012. It was not the first Christian music festival, nor the biggest, nor the most glamorous. But it was the most unusual, the most eclectic, and I would argue the most important.

Every other fest fell into line as mainstream evangelical events, populated by musical acts popular in evangelical bookstores and radio. But Cornerstone always remained committed to its own progressive sense of community, faith, art & music. When Cornerstone ended in 2012, I worried that the important, alternative, prophetic voice that Cornerstone represented would not have a home in the years to come. But a small group of Cornerstone veterans refused to let the community go.


In 2013,the Audiofeed festival was born. It was a tiny festival compared to its predecessor, but the feel of Cornerstone was definitely there. Each year, it has grown – more tickets sold, more stages, more bands, and more speakers. And as it forges its own identity, the heritage of Cornerstone is still recognizable.
Audiofeed 2016 was the biggest one yet. The tents were notably more crowded, despite there being more tents than ever before. The mix of bands, events, ad seminars made it our most enjoyable Audiofeed yet.
 Here’s to many more.

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