Friday, December 2, 2016

Podcast Recommendation

We have mentioned our friend Tyler Smith before. He is a film critic who in addition to being a co-host on the general movie criticism podcast Battleship Pretension, runs the blog and podcast More Than One Lesson, dedicated to providing "movie talk for the discerning Christian." More Than One Lesson spun off a podcast a few months back, The Fear of God, which I recommend.

And their network has grown again! Salty Cinema is a monthly podcast hosted by filmmaker and writer Jacob Kindberg, in which he interviews the film industry's most talented and influential Christians. It is a great idea for a podcast, and the first two episodes have been very enjoyable.

In the first episode, Kindberg interviews Craig Detweiler about the value of mentoring in the entertainment industry and film education. In the second episode, he talks with film marketing specialist Mark Joseph about the extent to which "faith-based" film is a genre.

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