Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Band, Another Kickstarter

We discovered Marah in the Mainsail at Audiofeed 2014. Any time a band uses a 20-foot metal chain as a percussive instrument, we are in. Their music struck us, and we supported the Kickstarter effort for their debut album "Thaumatrope." It immediately became one of our favorites.

The band is currently funding their second album,
another concept album. This one is called "Bone Crown," and is an attempt "to capture the darkness and beauty inherent in the animal kingdom, all the while telling a very human story of trust, deception, and rebellion." They intend for the album to include a narrated story that exists alongside the music. It's a bold idea, all the way around.

The band only has a week or so left in the campaign, and is still a few thousand dollars short. A link to the Kickstarter page can be found here.

To get a feel for the band, here is the official video for "Wendigo," one of our favorite tracks from the first album.

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