Sunday, May 14, 2017

Audiofeed 2016 - Sunday

Sunday was a bit rainy, and that greatly limited our time at the fest. And the late Saturday night combo of One Bad Pig & Timbre also wore us down a bit.

Sunday started with another Imaginopolis seminar, this one by Melody Green about the intersections between Christianity and fairy tales. Then our old friend Harry Gore did a set, and we watched an energetic performance by Destroy Nate Allen.

We also spent some time wandering the merchandise area, and my wife had a lovely chat with a few very nice fellas from the very loud band Send the Advocate.

We spent the evening in town, and had some terrific pizza. A good end to a good fest, and we drove home on Monday, July 4, arriving home just in time to catch some local fireworks.

We have made a habit of attending Audiofeed every other year, so it may end up back on the agenda for 2018.

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