Monday, June 18, 2018

Audiofeed 2018: Preview

As we do every other year, we are again this year heading to the excellent Audiofeed Festival. This is the "successor" to the defunct Cornerstone Festival, but with the great advantage of being hours closer to us!

This year's festival has a number of regular acts that we are looking forward to hearing again, including Must Build Jacuzzi, Marah in the Mainsail (we talked about their album "Thaumatrope" on episode 15 of the podcast), Comrades, and Insomniac Folklore. But there are new bands (or at least new to us) we're looking forward to seeing as well, such as The Prettybads, At the Wayside and Dezorah.

Audiofeed is not just about the bands, of course. There are speakers, worship, The Asylum goth tent, and the book and movie discussions at the Imaginoplis, And of course, Harry Gore busking by the food court.

Really looking forward.

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