Monday, June 11, 2018

Podcast Suggestion: The Antidote

Where has this podcast been my whole life? Despite having over 300 episodes, this show has only recently come to my attention.I have found a handful of decent Christian music shows over the years, but few have lasted this long, or are still producing new content.

The point of this show is that yes, most Christian music sucks, but this podcast serves as ... the antidote for all of that. Maybe the fact that it is based out of Canada keeps the show from being "infected" the industry. The show focuses on hard rock, metal and punk, although some alternative and singer-songwriter artists have been featured, as well.

The antidote comes out weekly, and can be streamed at the show's website, or listened to after the fact via any podcast player.

Recent episodes include discussions with bands such as Must Build Jacuzzi, Remedy Drive, Church Tongue and Chasing Victory. It is a great show, and the only good thing about just recently discovering it, is that I have hundreds of episodes to catch up on.

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