Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Book Review of "The Case for the Psalms"

Book #35. The Case for the Psalms, by N.T. Wright. Unabridged audio.
Most of N.T. Wright’s long bibliography is made up mostly of academic and semi-academic works, focusing on life in first-century Israel. He has made great strides in explaining the world that Jesus and Paul came from.
But in this small book, Wright is more reflective. He turns his attention to the Psalms, the Hebrew book of prayer and worship, the great hymnbook of the Bible. He calls for modern Christians, whether they worship in a liturgical manner or not, to include regular reading of the Psalms in their daily lives. He takes a broad swipe at modern worship music, calling musical leaders in church to write more songs that incorporate or reflect content from Psalms.
The subtitle of the book is “Why They Are Essential.” In answering that question, Wright talks about his own devotional practices, giving many examples of how Psalms have been meaningful in his life. This is perhaps the most time that Wright has spent in any of his books talking about himself and his life.
The walks through the Psalms, section by section. This structure enables Wright to bring his academic expertise to the material. He provides historical, literary, and spiritual contexts for reading these hymns, but is able to do that in a highly readable manner.

Source: HOOPLA.

This review originally appeared at: Alan's Eyes and Ears.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Audiofeed 2016 - Glamping

For as long as they have existed, music festivals have been camping events. And Christian festivals kept that tradition going, by offering camping options for attenders. On my own, I attended the Creation Festival a few times in the early nineties, and camped in a trailer that we owned at the time.

But as soon as we began to attend festivals as a family, hotels became out mode preferred mode of lodging for festivals. And at this past summer's Audiofeed, we stayed at the nearby (less than a mile away) Comfort Suites.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to "glamping" during a festival. Better sleep is a huge advantage, as is the ability to stay dry during the summer rainstorms that are regular features of festivals, especially those in the Midwest. Starting the day with hotel breakfast helps as well. Festival food tends to be of the fried variety, so snagging a few pieces of fruit every morning from the buffet adds that needed bit of health to the festival menu.

So many festival attendees do camp on site that I am occasionally embarrassed by our choice to "glamp." But whenever I see somebody at breakfast with the telltale wristband ... I don't feel so bad.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Comrades Album

We met the band Comrades at Audiofeed 2014, and saw them again in 2016. In addition to having terrific album designs, they play a nice groovy brand of modern hard rock. Their first album"Safekeeper" has an interesting mix of vocal songs and instrumentals.

Their second album, "Lone/Grey" came out in October on Facedown Records. This has the same mix of harsh male vocals, sweeter female vocals, and hard instrumentation that the first album contained.

The first official video from "Lone/Grey," for the song "Dark Tongues Part II" has been released.

The new album is available at the record label's website, iTunes, or Amazon.