Sunday, February 26, 2017

Podcast #011 - Religious Fandom & Spiritual Head Canon

"Religious Fandom & Spiritual Head Canon"

On this super-sized episode, Emily & Professor Alan talk about some of the similarities between religion and pop culture fandom.

Then they spend most of the episode talking about their own individual faith journeys, doubts, beliefs, questions, and oddball notions. 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Alan's Christian Comic Corner

The Unforogttens: Mission of Tranquillity #2, Trinity Comic Ministries, 1994. The story, “Of Giants and Dragons,” was created by Timothy A. Gagnon.

Our story continues from issue #1 (reviewed here), where three teenagers discovered that dabbling in the occult had consequences they were very unprepared for. The spiritual warfare continues in the hallways of the local school, with and angel-demon battle. And at the end, we are set up for a face-off between the angelic Unforgottens and the demonic Brotherhood.

I had a problem with the quality of the lettering is the first issue, and that problem exists here, as well. However, there is a two-page feature at the end of the book that has much better lettering, clearly done via computer. If that was meant to test a new lettering process, I hope that it continues into the next issue.

There are moments of decent art, mostly in individual panels and figures. Yes, some are drawn in the over-the-top style of the 1990s, but glimpses of artistic skill are evident. The storytelling aspect of the comic is weak, but that is much harder skill to learn and develop,

This issue has one great advantage over the first. Issue #1 was printed on traditionally-sized paper, but comic books tend to be published on slightly smaller paper. Starting with this issue, the series is produced in traditional comic book size. What that means for me is that the first issue is a little bit of a mess, crunched up at the top, etc … while this issue and the others are in pretty decent shape, even after more than two decades. For what it’s worth, the paper quality is extremely high.

The series contains two more published issues, and they are on the to-be-reviewed list.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Audiofeed 2016 - Friday Highlight

I mentioned in a prior post a few of the musical acts that we saw the first day of the festival. But another highlight of that first day was the return of seminars.

Seminars were the hidden strength of the old Cornerstone festival, especially those put on in the Imaginarium. This was the first year that seminars of that type appeared at Audiofeed, this time under the name Imaginopolis. Describing themselves as “an annual celebration and exploration of film, literature, and other narrative media in an inclusive, Christian-rooted community,” the group put on an interesting series of seminars at the Festival.

The theme for their tent this year was fairy tales, with the works of George MacDonald. We started our first day at the fest by attending talks titled “Tangled in Redemption: The Feminine Christian Image,” and “In a Galaxy Far Far Away: Star Wars as Fairy Tale.” It was great to have seminars at Audiofeed this year, and hope that the Imaginarium returns again for future festivals.