Sunday, July 29, 2018

Podcast 17 - Audiofeed 2018

The Audiofeed Music & Arts Festival

On this seventeenth episode, Em & Alan talk about their recent attendance at the 2018 Audiofeed Music & Arts Festival.

They talk about the bands they saw play, the seminars they attended, and the merch they bought. Included are interviews with a number of bands and vendors.

Audiofeed is the most unique Christian festival around. The music is eclectic, the seminars are interesting, and the ideas discussed are varied and diverse.

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Link: The Prettybads on Bandcamp
Link: Staghorn
Link: Insomniac Folklore
Link: Destroy Nate Allen 
Link: Must Build Jacuzzi on Bandcamp
Link: Laura McElroy on Bandcamp

Link: Black Sheep Collective
Link: Chicago Tiny House

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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Audiofeed Review: Black Sheep Collective

One of the vendors we met at the recent Audiofeed Festival was a fashion and lifestyle brand, Black Sheep Collective.

They are a faith-based company whose designs are based on Scripture, and speak to the individuality of each person made in God's image. We met the owners, and admire their approach, and really guy a lot of their work.

A few of our favorite designs (which we may have purchased on shirts) include:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Audiofeed Review: Chicago Tiny House

One of the organizations that we ran across at the recent Audiofeed Music & Arts Festival was a non-profit called Chicago Tiny House.

Their mission is "to create tiny house communities throughout Chicago that will provide homeless Chicagoans with safe and cost-effective housing and integrated supportive services."

This is a really cool idea. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Audiofeed Preview: The Prettybads

In preparation for the upcoming Audiofeed Festival, I investigated a few of the bands that I was not familiar with. And I discovered an awesome female-led punkish ban, The Prettybads.

Their debut album has a bunch of great songs on it, including a theme song. It's hard to bead a band that has a theme song. Looking forward to seeing these guys play live at the fest.