Thursday, September 20, 2018

Comic Book Theology: Omega

I do not remember exactly what comic book contained this panel, but I thought it was interesting.

The second definition that the woman gives for "Omega" is an accurate quotation from three different spots in the book of Revelation --  1:8, 21:6, & 22:13. And whether those verses refer to the Father or to Jesus, the woman's identification of the speaker of those words -- as God -- is accurate.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Dead Theologians Society: St John Chrysostom

An early church father who was later declared a Doctor of the Church, John was born in 349. Ordained a deacon in 381, he became known as a compelling and insightful public speaker, earning the nickname "Golden Mouth" (Chrystotom). He became the Archbishop of Constantinople in 397, and died a decade later.

Many of his teachings and sermons survive, and many of these writing are worth revisiting. This is a quote from him, about how to best deal with sinner.

"For Christians above all men are forbidden to correct the stumblings of sinners by is necessary to make a man better not by force but by persuasion. We neither have authority granted us by law to restrain sinners, nor, if it were, should we know how to use it, since God gives the crown to those who are kept from evil, not by force, but by choice."

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Comic Book Theology: Hellblazer

A recent issue of the DC Comics title The Hellblazer contained this panel, which contained an interesting take on afterlife theology. Or at least John Constantine's understanding of theology. 


The statement "the great faiths will tell you the dirty flesh is just a vessel ... " is an inaccurate (although common) description of what orthodox historical Christianity teaches. As a matter of fact, this dualistic approach ("spirit is good, flesh is bad") is much more closer to Gnosticism, as heresy that was dealt with in the very early days of church, and dismissed as not having a plae in Christianity. 

Despite the anti-gnostic statements that fill the book of 1 John, there are places in the modern church where the heresy of gnosticism rears its ugly head.

All of that is to say this: Don't look to comic books for your theology. And most of all, don't look to John Constantine for your theology.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

"The Art of Gentle Protest"

As discussed on our most recent podcast episode (#18), the Nomad Podcast recently hosted author and activist Sarah Corbett on their show. On Nomad episode 174, the podcast discussed her work as a craftivist and her belief that "gentle protest" has the greatest potential to bring about important social change.

Her book, How to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest, can be purchased here.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Podcast 18: Feedback, Updates & Discussion

Emptying Out The Mailbag

On this eighteenth episode, Em & Alan reply to all the listener feedback they've received since the last time they went over listener feedback, which was at least 3 episodes ago. This gives them a chance to revisit Marah in the Mainsail, The Prince of Egypt, and Audiofeed.

They also talk about the value of community, and reiterate the fact that ALL ARE WELCOME in the Dorkness to Light community.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

New York's Floating Churches

This article discusses a fascinating bit of American church history with which I was unfamiliar. In the early 1800s, a number of churches and Christian organizations in New York organized floating churches, to provide spiritual and material support to seamen. The last such church existed until 1910.

Source: This story was tweeted out by Fr Seraphim Beshoner, host of the excellent church history podcast, Catholic Under the Hood.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

To Pray or Not to Pray

Jon Crist deals with one the most vexing issues that Christians can run across when dining -- which foods require a blessing, and which foods don't?

Many more videos are available at John Crist's web site.