Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Book Review of "Wounds That Heal"

Wounds That Heal, by Stephen Seamands. Paperback.
Stephen Seamands, a professor of Christian doctrine at Asbury College, has produced a very readable and insightful study of the healing work of the Cross. His point is that in a world of wounded people, we have hope. Through the ministry of Jesus, God enters our painful situations to bring healing and redemption.
The book does a good job balancing biblical analysis and pastoral care. The book is filled with real-life stories of people finding healing and redemption amidst their painful experiences. Seamands also includes a range of quotes and examples from people from a range of Christian experiences.
The book is valuable for personal or group use. Each of the 10 chapters ends with a half-dozen or so questions for reflection. Along with the wealth of personal stories included in the text, these questions make sure that the book is as practical as it is theological.
The book starts with a discussion of hurt, rejection and shame. He then moves to a discussion of freedom, liberation, and healing. The overarching theme is that at the Cross, Jesus felt all of the emotions of humanity, including shame, abandonment, and rejection. And through His work, all people have the opportunity to receive the benefits of His love and acceptance.

Source: My wife purchased this book, most likely from the bookstore at this church. 
This review originally appeared at Alan's Eyes & Ears. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

I Need to Read This Paper

  This was posted in a Facebook group that I am part of. All that the author posted was this title page, but all that did was whet my appetite to read the entire paper. I appreciate that this Australian university approved this paper as a Master's Thesis, and  wish the author success in having this research paper approved. And maybe then ... he'll post the entire paper.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Our friends at Monk Rock have a bunch of interesting T-shirt designs, but this one is our current favorite. Among the many differences between Fundamentalism & Catholicism ...