Thursday, July 30, 2015

Who Are We? Why Are We Here?

This project is a spin-off of sorts, a side project. Since the summer of 2013 we (Emily and Alan Middleton) have produced comic-book podcasts via the Relatively Geeky Podcast Network.

While doing those podcasts, we would occasionally run into topics related to faith, spirituality, and theology. And while we are both very interested in these topics, we thought that a comic-book podcast wasn't the best place to dive deep into those topics. But maybe if we created a separate place to discuss these topics ...

And that is where this initiative comes in. The purpose of Dorkness to Light is to give us a place to explore religious and theological topics, especially where those topics intersect with pop culture. We anticipate conversations about comic books, movies, TV, music, church history, current events, and anything else we can think of. Those conversations will take place here, on our Tumblr, and occasionally on podcasts.

At least that's what we think will happen here. As this is just the beginning of this project, it is hard to say where it will go. But we invite you to join us on our journey, wherever it may lead.
Emily Middleton is a Millennial who works at a public library. A recent college graduate, she majored in Sociology, with minors in Ancient Studies and  Religion.

Alan Middleton is Emily's father, a business professor and noted connoisseur of inexpensive comic books.


  1. This is a great idea and Ruth and I are looking forward to following along with your discussions. I'm sure it will be interesting, insightful, and thought-provoking.

  2. I was excited to hear about this project when I listen to your latest episode of Shortbox Showcase. I know it will be interesting but of course the devil (or god or nondescript primordial force or whatever) is in the details!

  3. This is great, I am looking forward to this journey myself as I have been suffering from a crisis in faith for some time now.