Sunday, May 26, 2019

Podcast 28 - 1980s Christian Music (Justus)


Alan and Em are joined by Garret Godfrey of the Good patron podcast to discuss Christian music in the 1980s. The episode also includes 25 minutes of a 1987 episode of Alan's college radio show, where he played "the best in today's Christian rock."

We we  about the new album, and play portions of two songs.

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Link: Good Patron Podcast
Link: Justus on Discogs
Link: "Someone's Waiting" at YouTube

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1 comment:

  1. While this particular genre of music is not my cup of tea, I enjoyed hearing Alan and Garret Godfrey (glad it wasn't G. Gordon Godfrey) discussing Justus. It's always fun to listen to people discussing a common interest that they are passionate about, even if I don't share that interest. I must say, if I'd heard it out of context, I don't think I'd ever have recognized the college radio voice as that of Alan.