Sunday, July 29, 2018

Podcast 17 - Audiofeed 2018

The Audiofeed Music & Arts Festival

On this seventeenth episode, Em & Alan talk about their recent attendance at the 2018 Audiofeed Music & Arts Festival.

They talk about the bands they saw play, the seminars they attended, and the merch they bought. Included are interviews with a number of bands and vendors.

Audiofeed is the most unique Christian festival around. The music is eclectic, the seminars are interesting, and the ideas discussed are varied and diverse.

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Link: The Prettybads on Bandcamp
Link: Staghorn
Link: Insomniac Folklore
Link: Destroy Nate Allen 
Link: Must Build Jacuzzi on Bandcamp
Link: Laura McElroy on Bandcamp

Link: Black Sheep Collective
Link: Chicago Tiny House

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  1. What a wonderful experience for you, and what a wonderful episode for your listeners. I'm not a music festival kind of guy, generally speaking, and my musical tastes are less broad than yours, but it's fun hearing the two of you talk about what you liked and how much fun you had.

    Some of my favorite moments in this episode:
    1. The shout-out to Bob Fisher as "the only other person who may have a Good Guys cassette." I'm an avid Bob Fisher fan and thrill to any mention of his name on another podcast.
    2. Hearing, in the description of the diversity, not only of the musical styles, but of the people attending, the phrase "hard-core normals" from Em. It just made me laugh.
    3. In talking about the artist Propaganda, Em's use of the phrase "aggressively and intentionally compassionate." I don't know if that phrase is Em's or Propaganda's, but I think it would make an exceptionally apt church motto.
    4. The discussion of stories about animals in Christian (and other) literature. I grew up, in Catholic parochial school, hearing and reading many such stories, and I've always enjoyed them. Not entirely in the same vein, but I wonder if either or both of you have read Anatole France's novel Penguin Island. It's mainly a kind of satire on European history and culture, but it begins with a Christian monk, mostly blind and deaf, who ends up on an island of Great Auks. He thinks these birds are pagan natives, and sets about baptizing them. This provokes a debate in Heaven about whether birds can be validly baptized or not, and how this should be handled. The result is that God transforms them into humans, and the rest of the novel is about the history and culture of this strange island.
    Thanks, as always for the fun and the learning opportunity.

  2. 1) Yes, Bob is one fine fella.
    2) Diversity includes Normies!
    3) Amen to that
    4) Sounds awesome!

    Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for listening.

  3. Great podcast and thanks for the shout-out!

  4. Harry, so great to here from you. Thank you so much! You earned those shout-outs, and more!