Sunday, September 2, 2018

Podcast 18: Feedback, Updates & Discussion

Emptying Out The Mailbag

On this eighteenth episode, Em & Alan reply to all the listener feedback they've received since the last time they went over listener feedback, which was at least 3 episodes ago. This gives them a chance to revisit Marah in the Mainsail, The Prince of Egypt, and Audiofeed.

They also talk about the value of community, and reiterate the fact that ALL ARE WELCOME in the Dorkness to Light community.

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  1. Feedback on feedback (Is that too "meta"?):
    To update a few things: I did visit the Mara in the Mainsail website to check out the music, and I must admit that it's not for me, but I did still enjoy your discussion of the album "Thaumatrope". I learned some things that I wouldn't have otherwise learned, and that's one of the best things about your podcast --- surprise learning. "Qui docet discit." ("Who teaches, learns.") is axiomatic for teachers, and I was a high school teacher for 28 years, and I always enjoy learning something new, especially if it's something I wouldn't have expected.
    I was sorry to hear of Professor Alan's "breakup" with a podcast which seemed not to welcome people with his viewpoint. Any breakup is a sad thing, whether with people, podcasts, or a fandom, but, sometimes it has to happen.
    I did, after listening to your episode on The Prince of Egypt, borrow the movie from my local library and I did enjoy it very much. Certainly, it diverges in some places, from the original source material (aka, the book of Exodus), but it is surely superior, musically, to the movie The Ten Commandments, which also diverges from the source material.
    I'm glad to hear that both of you seemed to like my summary of Penguin Island. I read that novel when I was in high school (for fun, not as an assignment --- that's how much of a nerd I've always been), and I don't think I've ever before been able to describe it in a way that evoked interest in anyone.

  2. Professor Alan is CURRENTLY reading Penguin Island, solely based on your recommendation. No pressure.

    1. Hey! I feel no pressure! Professor Alan is a grown-a$$ man, capable of making his own reading choices. I liked the book as a teen. Your mileage may vary.