Sunday, July 26, 2020

Podcast #040 - The Book of Ruth

"The Book of Ruth: An Original Graphic Novel"

Alan and Em discuss the original graphic novel The Book of Ruth, by Meredith Finch & Colin Dyer. The book retells the Old Testament story in the context of the Dust Bowl era. The discussion includes a deep dive into atonement theology, but somehow they manage to reference Babylon 5, Leverage ... and more!

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Link: The Book of Ruth Kickstarter
Link: Meredith Finch on Twitter
Link: The Harry Whodunit Collection
Link: Tomato Bird's Tumblr

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  1. Since I'm terrible at keeping up with new comics, this was the first I'd heard of The Book of Ruth. And that's a shame because it legit sounds amazing! My only problem? I can't find it on digital and that fits my life better at this time. When it reaches digital, I'll definitely get it. But it sounds so fascinating, I might not be able to wait that long. Thanks for sharing this book, Em and Prof!

    Also, gotta say, I've used your comments about sociology in recent conversations with my wife (attributing the source, natch) about the state of today's world. Your perspectives are a great new direction for my own thinking. So ... you know ... cut it out. Me no like thinking.

    Seriously, thank you for another great episode. Stay safe, and may the force be with you.

    1. Sorry, Tim, we are HERE to make you think!

      And I'm sure there will be a digital version available for sale some time soon.