Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Podcast 19: Golems

"Dorkness to Nightmare: Golems & Frankenstein Monsters"

On this first of our mini-series of mini-sodes, Em & Alan talk about Frankenstein-style monsters, the Jewish legend at their roots, and the questions these monsters ask about humanity.

Topics discussed include The Golem of Prague, Mary Shelley, RUR, Warehouse 13, the X-Files and artificial intelligence.

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Link: The Golem, at the Jewish Virtual Library
Link: The Golem Legend, from San Jose State University
Link: The Golem in comic books

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  1. That was really enjoyable, golems are fascinating. Have you ever seen the 1915 German silent film The Golem? I finally saw it the other year with live accompaniment at Edinburgh’s magnificent Usher Hall, as a Halloween screening. People dressed up and a great time was had by all. The film itself is slow, but has a weird atmosphere that sucked us in.

    I see there’s a 2018 Golem film, it may even be out over there.

    Comics wise, it seems you’re unaware of Justin Gray, Jimmy Pamiotti and Phil Winslade’s Monolith, published originally by DC Comics in 2004. Great stuff, don’t research, just be nice to the mailman until Friday comes.

    1. Not familiar with the silent film, but you are the second person to recommend Monolith.

      We'll be patient.