Sunday, October 28, 2018

Podcast 24 - Nephilim & Lillith

"Dorkness to Nightmare: Nephilim, Lilith & Old Testament Weirdness"

On this penultimate sixth mini-sode, Em & Alan talk about Lilith, unicorns, Nephilim, and other weird things that may (or may not) be in the Old Testament. They talk about what these stories say about humanity, and what they say about the Bible.

Topics discussed include Bible translation, myths and legends, the value of imagination to faith, and keeping Christianity weird.

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Link: The Nephilim Wars comic book Kickstarter  
Link: Paeter Frandsen's "Spirit Blade" audio drama
Link: Dark Ark: the comic book
Link: The book "Lucifer, Leviathan, Lilith, and Other Mysterious Creatures of the Bible"

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  1. If you're looking for comic book depictions of some weird sort-of biblical mythology, check out DC's Secret Origins #10 (January, 1987), which gives 4 different origins for The Phantom Stranger. One of these has him as a semi-fallen angel who didn't take a side in Lucifer's rebellion and is condemned to wander the Earth for eternity. Another of these "origins" is, essentially, the story of the Wandering Jew.
    If you're looking for weird, even loopy, Christian mythology, you must read some medieval Catholic hagiography, with tales of bilocation, levitation, physical battles with the Devil, etc. I was steeped in these tales during my Catholic grammar school days, and still love them to this day, although I've never been entirely credulous about them.

    1. We are big fans of the Catholic imagination, and recognize that stories such as those are sorely missing from the history over on our side of the Christian family tree.

  2. Most of what I know about Lilith comes from popular culture, which makes sense given the lack of biblical reference.

    Almost all have her as having extremely long hair and trying to choke people with it like a noose.

    Am I confusing my Liliths??

    Another great show.