Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Podcast 23 - The Faerie Realm

"Dorkness to Nightmare: Faeries and Sprites and Brownies and Werewolves"

On this fifth of our mini-series of mini-sodes, Em & Alan talk about spirits and cursed beings, like faeries and werewolves.

Topics discussed include Tolkien, Holly Black's novels,being nice to brownies, Werewolf by Night, and why garden gnomes have red hats.

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Link: Author Holly Black's website
Link: Tolkien's "On Fairy Stories" essay
Link: The Tolkien Professor's podcast episode about "On Fairy Stories."

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  1. As a co-host of Anime Freaks, and someone VERY familiar with the Norse Faeries, I feel kind of obliged to give you other faerie anime recommendations.

    First there's Myriad Colors: Phantom World ( which gives an alternate take of spirits and such.

    Then there's Konohana Kitan ( which is based around a hotel run by fox spirits that is a way-point between our world and the world of faerie.

    There are a few others that are "faerie adjacent", in that they have the Fae in them but aren't focused on them, but I think these two are very good takes and very enjoyable to watch.

  2. Thanks for clearing up the status of Mr. Mxyzptlk for me. I had not made the connection to Rumplestiltskin, but when Em mentioned it, it was so obvious!
    On the topic of werewolves, I should mention that one of your fellow podcasters, Aaron Henley, host of Tangents Abound, has written the first of what, I believe, is to be a series of novels, involving werewolves as well as other of the sort of beings you've been discussing. His debut novel is called Fangs of Vengeance, and deals with, among other things, the pack/family nature of werewolves.