Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Podcast 25 - Angels

"Dorkness to Nightmare: Angels"

On this final (not so mini) installment of this mini-series, Em & Alan talk about those scariest of all spiritual beings -- Angels. They discuss what these monsters say about humanity, faith, & God.

Topics discussed include, Lovecraftian monstrosities, 5-dimensional beings, Thing Theory, angelic visitations, flaming swords, and what we believe.

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Link: "GLORIA" by Taylor Leong

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  1. As you noted, angels are spiritual beings whose nature is beyond our comprehension. I found Em's idea that there are maybe 5 fallen angels intriguing (and hopeful), as is the idea that the Heavenly Host is singular, and that angels are not individuals (if I understood that correctly), but I have some trouble with the idea that angels do not have free will. Without that, how could Lucifer have fallen? How could he have separated himself from the Host? These are questions beyond my understanding, of course, and I'm entirely aware that my thinking could be wrong. I believe the most important idea in seeking knowledge or wisdom of any sort is "I could be wrong."
    In Catholic grammar school, I was taught the concept of "mystery" in the sense of "something that is beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend on its own", and, as I get older, part of me becomes a bit more comfortable with the idea that some things are mysteries, but that speculation about such things is OK. One of my own speculations is that, no matter how many fallen angels there are, I hope there is some possibility of redemption for them. If one can fall from grace, I believe a gracious God might offer redemption for all of Creation, including those in Hell. Whether they will accept that grace, of course, would also be a matter of free will, though.
    Thanks for "Dorkness to Nightmare". It's been quite and interesting October.

    1. Thank you for your regular and well-considered feedback, on this and every episode. We find that very encouraging, Dave, and really appreciate it.

      When I found the verse in Isaiah that "as high as the heavens are above the earth, so are his thoughts above ours," I found it liberating. That gave me an understanding of the value of Mystery, and as I've aged, I come to appreciate that more. -- Prof Alan

  2. If you want an interesting take on Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils then I recommend the anime "High School DXD". Yes, there's fan service ... OK A LOT of fan service, but the world that is set-up in the story is really interesting for those that are theological nerds.

    1. we LOVE getting all of these recommendations. Thank you, buddy!

    2. I figured anything that has Azazel as a major character might be of interest to you both. Also, full disclosure, Michelle watched the show with me so while it is VERY fan service heavy, it wasn't so over the top that I was told to turn it off. ;)