Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Podcast 21 - Vampires

"Dorkness to Nightmare: Vampires"

On this third mini-sode in their "Dorkness to Nightmare" miniseries, Em and Alan discuss the most blood-sucking of monsters ... Vampires!

Topics discussed include Bram Stoker, Anne Rice, Twilight, Tom Cruise, and the X-Files.

Both Em and Alan also pitch ideas for vampire novels they'd like to write.

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  1. I'd read both of the Vampire novels you pitched. I must say that I enjoyed Christopher Farnsworth's Nathaniel Cade books more than Alan seems to have, and I particularly found Cade quite frightening, especially when he engages his tremendous strength and will in a conflict between his vow never to drink human blood and his oath of allegiance to the president and his officers.
    I must say that I'd never considered vampire stories to be anti-Catholic, since Catholic sacramentals, like holy water and crucifixes provide protection against the creatures.
    If I had to pick a vampiric "power" to have, myself, I think I'd go with Em's choice of shape-shifting, because if a vampire hunter doesn't recognize me as a vampire, he/she might not be a danger to me.

    1. I liked the Farnsworth novels well enough, actually, but I didn't think Em was ever going to get over the goofy concept, so I didn't push.

      Anti- or Pro- Catholic? I can see both sides. Vampire novels do classically take for granted that Catholic belief is true, is effective.

      -- Prof Alan

  2. My favourite piece of vampire-related pop culture is Forever Knight. It's a genre-bending comedy buddy-cop television show about a vampire homicide detective.

    1. I thought about mentioning that one, so I'm glad you did! -- Alan

  3. You mention Tom Cruise in "Interview with a Vampire" as vampire propaganda. Have you seen Tom Cruise at 56? I think I know how they vot one of the parties to the negotiation table.

    Some writers have been playing with the idea that a symbol of faith is effective against vampires when handled by a believer: the Star of David, or a Communist's hammer and sickle, or Thor's hammer in one issue of the comic. For the actor above, would it be a certain book that, even in paperback, is to big to always be carried around?

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