Sunday, October 14, 2018

Podcast 20 - Djinn

"Dorkness to Nightmare: Genie & Djinn"

On this second of our mini-series of mini-sodes, Em & Alan talk about genies, djinn, and other ways to spell to that. They talk about what these occasionally monstrous beings have to teach us, other than "don't mess with them."

Topics discussed include linguistic branching, The Monkey's Paw, John Constantine, the X-Files, and (of course) Aladdin.

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Link: The origin of the Genie in the Lamp, at Giant Glacier
Link: The Podcastle version of the short story "The Dybbuk in the Bottle."

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  1. That was great stuff, I didn’t know half of the history of the djinn. I did, though, miss you relating everything back to comics, as in the previous episode. No Yellow Peri? No Johnny Thunder? No Mr Genie?

    1. OK, Johnny Thunder was a major oversight, yes. The nice thing about mini-sodes is that there is no promise that we can be comprehensive!!!

    2. I think Mr. Mxyzptlk could also be at least related to the djinn, in his role as a trickster with magical powers.
      By the way, I LOVED the "Earth, Wind, and Fire" music.

    3. Good point on Mixy. Where do IMPS fit in? Hmmmmm .....

      Mrs. Quarter-Bin thanks you for the EW&F comment. She was glad to participate.