Sunday, October 21, 2018

Podcast 22 - The Dead

"Dorkness to Nightmare: The Dead"

On this fourth of our mini-series of mini-sodes, Em & Alan talk about spooky dead things, like Zombies and ghosts and spirits. They discuss what these monsters say about humanity, and what may lie beyond the grave.

Topics discussed include ghosts, saints, World War Z, Wynonna Earp, wendigos, and a fair amount of speculative theology.

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Link: The song "What's Following the Grave," by Christian metal legends Bloodgood.

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  1. I liked the idea that ghosts and zombies are kind of opposites --- ghosts being spirits without bodies and zombies, bodies without spirits. If nothing else, this reinforces Incarnation Theology, because both seem to be "incomplete" beings.
    I wonder when you'll get to witches in these minisodes.

    1. Agree on incarnation, body & spirit belong together.

      SPoiler: no witches. Our theme was monsters, and even though witches are Halloween-ish, we didn't think they met the definition of monster.

  2. Let me tell you a tiny little subgenre that could have been squeezed into this episode - the idea that portions of a body can remain alive to get revenge. Or better yet, that if transplanted can cause the new body to do that.

    Think about the movies -
    Mad Love - serial killer hands transplanted on concert pianist

    Body Parts - serial killers limbs transplanted on multiple people

    The Hand - Michael Caines disembodied hand attacks

    The Beast with 5 fingers - another hand attacking people (or is it?)

    Definitely seek out Mad Love! The others? Not so much.

    1. Great idea! And on the romantic comedy side, you have Duchovny & Driver in Return to Me. Late wife's heart is transplanted into another woman ... and ... LOVE !!!